About Harrison.


The early years. 

I started mummy and Harrison way back in 2016, just after Harrison was born. He was a very easy going baby, I don’t remember him crying a lot and he loved sleeping so I found I had a bit of spare time on my hands. As he got older he was hitting all the milestones rolling over, sitting up and he was walking with his brick walker at 8 months. Then on October 18th 2017 he said his first word, Mum, he said it a couple of times that week and then it stopped. A few months later he then started to say Yeah Yeah Yeah, not in response to anything just when he was happy, then that stopped too. By this time he had just had his first birthday and this is when he kind of stopped hitting those milestones. His eating habits were terrible, as was his sleeping and the communication just wasn’t progressing. 

Mid head bang and when I say head bang it’s like he is at a gig head banging to the music not hitting his head on the wall.

Mid head bang and when I say head bang it’s like he is at a gig head banging to the music not hitting his head on the wall.

Growing concerns. 

I’m definitely a googler, my baby hates wet textures, why does he flap his hands, when will my toddler talk etc. Everything I googled always brought up autism. I would tell Stef (Harrisons dad) my mum and my friends about my finds and they always just said he is just a little slow, he is fine. Then just before our holiday in mid July he started to put his hands over his ears a lot and of course that got googled. While at Center Parcs I continued my search and came across a blog Flappinessis.com which is written by mum of two Leigh Merryday. When I read through the article it was like it had been written about Harrison and it was this that both Stef and my mum agreed that maybe Harrison was maybe a little different. 


The beginning of diagnosis 

As soon as I got back from our holiday I was straight on the phone to our health visitor and she came over the next day. She asked us what our concerns were and I’d prepared a list so I wouldn’t forget anything.

  • Hands on ears

  • Flapping hands

  • Spinning

  • Doesn’t respond to his name

  • Plays alone

  • Obsessed with mum

  • Doesn’t point or look at things that are being pointed at

  • Inspects toys doesn’t play with them

  • Loves coat hangers, toilet roll holder, and things long and stick like

  • Says two words and babbles repeatedly

  • Sleeping pattern is nonexistent

  • Doesn’t like mess on his hands

  • Bangs head

  • Doesn’t eat many things

  • Loves his milk still

  • Doesn’t really feel pain and has no fear with things at he definitely should have.

After going through all my notes she then suggested what we should do from here.

  1. Get him into a local special needs playschool. - He goes Monday’s and Friday’s. I love it there he still needs some more convincing haha.

  2. Get his hearing tested to rule that out - We went and he passed all the tests.

  3. Get in touch with speech and Language. - had our first session someone will be coming to see him at his playschool.

  4. Apply for early years - applied but they need more evidence of his needs so will reapply once diagnosed

  5. Once all this has been done to speak to a doctor about being referred to a paediatrician. - we have our first appointment on 20th Dec 2018.

So that’s pretty much where we are at, at the minute. Attending playschool and waiting on our first paediatrician appointment.


Harrison Today. 

He is a very happy little soul as long as he is with either me, his dad or his nana. He is very anal with the way he likes things, when he walks into my mums he has a routine of things that need to be moved i.e all the toys from the top of his toy display have to come off so he has somewhere to stand. His favourite tv shows are Mickey Mouse club house, Mickey and the roadster racers, PJ Masks, Zou, One episode of Henry Hugglemonster and The Lion Guard. He loves chewing on wires (unplugged obviously) he eats weetabix for breakfast then lives on biscuits and crisps until dinner which is normally chicken nuggets. He loves water and still has about 5 bottles of milk starting from 6pm and continues to drink throughout the night. He normally has a wide awake period where we go down stairs and watch tv as once he has officially opened his eyes that’s it for the next two hours. He has lots more quirks and develops more all the time.

He is a lovely little boy, I love him with all my heart and I wouldn’t change him for the world!! Life with Harrison is just going to be a little different than I once thought.