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When I found out I was expecting Harrison I was given bottles so I never had to do my research and although the ones I had where great, the Herobility ones are amazing! They come in 3 different sizes 140ml, 240ml and 340ml. 9 colours to choose from (obviously I chose the black one) and there are 4 different teat sizes too 0+ months, 2+ months, 4+ months and 6+ months.

Harrison is still a massive milk fan. I know that he shouldn’t really be drinking out of a bottle but he refuses to drink it out of anything else. Our bottles are getting really old and knackered and when the lovely people at Herobility got in contact I bit their arm off for the chance to get my hands on their products!

The HeroBottle has a soft ergonomic nipple with a breastlike shape, accepted by 97% of babies. It also has a double anti-colic system, unique curved design closes the corners of your baby’s mouth, reducing the risk of drooling, and completely blocks air from entering the mouth. The classic valve gives an even flow of the milk or formula, and prevents a vacuum from forming in the bottle.

The bottle also comes with this handy little leak proof HeroStorage tub. Perfect for formula, breastmilk, snack and much more. It is also microwave and freezer proof and it can be twisted on to the bottom of the bottle or the sip cup. Another handy thing is that the lid can be twisted straight on to the bottle making it a shaker, perfect for mixing your formula.



Herobility also do sippy cups which come in 11 different colours (again I chose the black). It has a soft spout which is gentle on little mouths, teeth and gums. The handles easily detach which also features the little feet and tail to keep the cup extra steady. A big plus for us mums is the drop free valve, meaning no spillages if your little one has left it lying on the floor to leak!


Id definitely recommend herobility, I all the colour choices, that they are super eco friendly and that all the bottle and sip cup parts can be used together e.g I could use the sippy cup lid with the big bottle if Harrison wanted more water. They also do a few other different products including a HeroEcoBottle, dummy and thermos. Go have a spy on their site and see all their beautiful products for yourself! :D