10 Activities I want to do with my family this summer.

Summer activities with Mummy and Harrison

We haven’t any plans yet for the summer so I thought I’d come up with some summer activities for us to do when we are stuck for ideas.

1. A good old fashioned picnic.

Iv always had this dream of a lovely chilled family picnic. Sun shining, lots of great fresh food in a beautiful wicker picnic basket, eaten from cute little plates and drinking from fancy jars with striped paper straws. The kids playing happily on the fresh green grass while Stef and I relax on a floral picnic blanket. The reality will probably be more like Jacob whining because he doesn’t like the food, Harrison clinging on to me and won’t be put down, Stef moaning ‘where the bloody hell have you had all these plates and jars from that will never get used again’ and me just getting stressed and hot because I hate the heat. Even though I don’t have high hopes I’m still going to try and make the dream happen haha.

2. Go to a festival.

By festival I don’t mean the likes of V Festival or Glastonbury. I want to go for the day (I’m not a big camper) to a little one that kids are well catered for. I have found one not too far from me called Barefoot festival which is pushing the fact that they’re family-friendly. There is lots of art and crafty bits and acts for the kids to do and see which is perfect. I’ll be sure to vlog our time at Barefoot festival as it sounds like it will be a good day.

3. Go to the sea side.

This is kind of a given for most families in the summer time but we are planning to go on a little break away at some point, just got to agree on a location. My happy place is Wells-Next-The-Sea as I have many happy memories there but Stef is pushing for somewhere down south as it’s warmer, so we shall see who wins.

4. Go fishing.

This is a random one but my dad is a huge fishing fan and I remember going with him for the day as a kid and I think Harrison and Jacob would probably love it. Worth a try and if they hate it we will only be 10 minutes from home so it’s no biggie.

5. Scrapbook the whole summer.

Iv always been creative and I love getting my pictures printed out but their is only so many picture frames you can have in your house. So a scrapbook of our summer would be lovely. Get the boys involved and it’s also something nice to look back on.

6. Visit lots of national trust locations.

I have been to one or two national trust places and their always so nice. I have also seen the likes of The Michalaks and Megan Elleby all enjoying the beautiful trusts and their is some many close to me I want to go to.

7. Go Geocaching.

What is Geochaching you say? Well I’m not 100% sure myself, Iv never done it but I always remember my good old friend Chelsey doing it once years back. It’s basicly a huge treasure hunt, you download the app and then you have to track down the different locations to find the Geocaches. When you have found them you write your name in the book, swap nick-nacks and then move on to find another. I think. It will be really interesting and I know Jacob will love it.

8. Make lots of crafty things.

Going to be putting Pinterest to good use and making lots of crafty things such as:

Plaster of Paris/hand prints.


Clay modelling 

Play dough


I’ll be sure to document our crafts either on here or on our channel.

9. Make good use of our local swimming pool.

About 7-8 minutes from our house is a leisure center with a swimming pool. This pool has a brilliant kids pool, it has lots of flumes and has waves so a bit like centre parcs but not quite as nice haha. I have never been and I really want to get Harrison into swimming, he has only been once and I know he will love it.

8. Make lots of happy memories.

Speaks for itself really.