Life lately.

So it’s been awhile and I haven’t any real valid reason for going AWOL. Although I can tell you what I have been up to while being away. The’re are 3 main things that have been keeping me busy so keep reading to find out. I have been running this blog for 19 months now (as it’s the same age as Harrison) and around January it stared to feel like a chore that I didn’t enjoy. So after some time off and the summer now approaching I’m looking forward to getting stuck back into it. I’d also like to get back into vlogging as I really enjoyed that but iv not really been up to anything exciting recently to vlog. So you can expect to see a lot more of me from now on.

The first thing that has been keeping be busy is of course Harrison. He is 19 months old today, before I know it he’ll be 2 which is absolutely crazy! He is still that loving mummy’s boy that hates things being on the sofa or his toy box, that still loves Mickey Mouse (although PJ Masks is a definite 2nd place) and that still loves his milk.

He is still a really fussy eater and drinks 2-3 bottles of milk a night, he still sleeps in our bed and has a two hour party in his bedroom at 2am most nights but despite all that he is the love of my life and my best friend so he is forgiven. He is currently asleep in my arms as he has been suffering with a virus for the last 5 days but fingers crossed he is coming out the other side now.

I have also spent a lot of time working on my photography business. Back in 2004 my dad brought a Canon 300D and I was obsessed I would be snapping away all day (much to my family’s annoyance). Since then I have just been learning as I go. Then I had Harrison and I have taken an abundance of photos of him which I have always had so many compliments on. With all the nice comments I thought I’d offer my services to other families to capture them in their own home in a casual candid way. I have had lots of interest and a few jobs and I’m really enjoying it.

If you fancy a shoot with your family check out my site.


Lastly there is Dear Mums, basically I had an idea a while back about an online magazine for mums made by mums. I spent quite some time making the site, then recruiting mum bloggers to write articles for said magazine and then obviously I have got to promote the site. I have 5 incredible mums writing for Dear Mums so far and have a few more ready to join the team very soon too. It’s going really well and I’m really enjoying doing it too.

Head over the Dear Mums and have a read.