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DUKTIG Kitchen Mummy and Harrison For Christmas Santa brought Harrison the Ikea DUKTIG kitchen. I’d seen lots of makeovers for the DUKTIG kitchen and I really wanted to add a few little personal touches to H’s.

The first thing I did was add marble sticky back plastic to the work top, which was really easy. It wasn’t until I got to the spray painting to the plastic washing bowl, tap and handles that things started to go a little wrong lol. So I brought the wrong spray paint turns out it didn’t like to stick to plastic it preferred metal or wood lol. So that all had to come off to be painted with the correct stuff. I also brought some different handles that turned out to be the wrong size and then brought another set which again were the wrong size lol. My dad saved the day by glueing them on though. I also planned on having a wallpapered brick back board on the kitchen too, but that didn’t get done in time. It’s now pretty March and it’s still not done oppsss.

Im actually quite happy with the turn out, I think the beautiful accessories are hiding the shoddy workmanship though haha. The wooden espresso machine, toaster and mixer are all from John Lewis and the pots and pans are from this modern life by a brand called Design Letters which were a gift from his Great Auntie Karen.

Have any of you got the same kitchen and added your own touches? If so send me pictures on Instagrm I’d love to see them! @MummyandHarrison DUKTIG Kitchen Mummy and HarrisonDUKTIG Kitchen Mummy and HarrisonDUKTIG Kitchen Mummy and HarrisonDUKTIG Kitchen Mummy and HarrisonDUKTIG Kitchen Mummy and Harrison