5 Goals for 2018 | Life

2017 has been a good year. It was my first full year with my little fella and my has he grown so much. It was also my first full year of my blog. Considering it has only been about 15 months since I started it i'm shocked by how well it had been received. Iv had the pleasure of working with some amazing brands, attended a few great events and fingers cross this continues throughout 2018! As it's a brand new year I have made a few goals for 2018. I hope to keep you updated on throughout the year.

01. To get organised with my blog and youtube. I want to set a weekly upload schedule to stick to e.g blog posts on Tuesdays and Thursday and then a video on Sunday. Id also like to be a week in front schedule wise so i'm not rushing to get a post up on time!

02. I'd like to declutter my whole house. Giving things to charity and throwing things away that aren't needed and keep it that way! My house is so full of stuff that if something is out of its place it looks a mess. I need to watch a whole load of minimalist videos to inspire me.

03. Have another baby or at least be pregnant by the end of the year. I have always wanted 3 children but seeing as Stef came with a brother for Harrison I think just one more will do! I also would really like them to be close in age so they have each other to grow up with.

04. Depending on no.3 Id like to lose a stone and a half. I put on so much weight when pregnant with Harrison and I didn't loose much after Id had him. So id love to get back into a size 10 by the end of the year.

05. Take more trips, only around the UK though as I aint getting on no plane fool! Id like to take the kids to LegoLand and possible visit Edinburgh again.

I feel like these are all achievable but I just have to get my arse in gear and make it happen!

Have you any goals for 2018?