Dear Harrison... You Are ONE!!

Today is the day my baby boy turns one! One year you have been with us for and it has gone super fast! I don't even know how to explain how much you mean to me, how much you have taught me and made me into a happier more outgoing person! You have tested my patience, stolen my sleep and ruined my body but I couldn't imagine my life without you! I love you.

This is your last monthly update I think ill do your next one at 18 months.


In 9-12 month clothes still, have brought quite a few different bits for the next size but I don't see that fitting you for a while to be fair. You don't seem to have grown too much since your last update.


Finally A full month of great health and no teeth cutting! :D Its been great although pretty soon your going to have to have your next lot of injections which I'm not looking forward to... although your best friend Lily had them and was a real trouper and didn't suffer many side effects, so fingers crossed for you little guy.


Your still a massive milk monster, your dad is worried that your never gonna eat real food lol. You tend to eat your breakfast and dinner its just lunch time we struggle with. Normal day consist of Weetabix for Breakfast, Some kind of crisps, yogurt and a biscotti biscuit for lunch and then and Ella's Kitchen, Aldi or Heinz meal with another yogurt for dinner. The you still have about 4-5 9oz bottles of milk in 24 hours too! You love your water but not so keen on cows milk.


No change here, you go for bath bottle and bed at 7 but then it gets to about 10 and your stirring and wanting more milk and to come into mum and dads bed, which i still love so i don't mind.

Things you like and Milestones

Your a fully fledged walker now, you walk about all day but you haven't quite mastered standing up with out the use of something to help pull you up. You love ball pits and moving particular things as you don't like them there I.E nanas crochet stool cover and little crochet flower hanging from her electric fire both have to come off as soon as you walk in lol. Mickey and Friends are still heros! You are a massive mummy's boy, you rarely let anyone else hold you other than maybe dad and nana. You don't seem to be on the verge of talking but that could change at any time.

Will update you again when your about 18 months and maybe you will be saying mummy! And doing all sorts of tricks