Dear Harrison... You are 11 months old.

This time next month is going to be an extremely special time.


You still seem really weeny to me, you are well and truly in your 9-12 month clothes now though.

Update - Weighed you today 17-08-17 and turns out your short and fat for your age haha. You weigh 24lb and your 28.2 inches. A 12 month old should weigh between 19.8lb and 22.9lb and measure between  29.2 inches and 30.5 inches. Never mind mate good job your handsome :D


This month has been the worst teething wise, you have been a real trouper and we have barely noticed your teeth coming through but these last few weeks you have been moaning about them a lot more than normal. Other than teeth you have to been all good.


On holiday we offered you every meal and I would say you ate less than half of about two of them and that was it. You had lots of snacks and milk though, I'm putting that down to teething as you are a lot better now, eat at least 2 meals a day now. But you are getting through about 3 bottles a night.


No change here, still being a monkey to put to bed most nights and still wake about 10 to come into my bed, which means my bedtime is then 10! Little monster.

Things you like and Milestones

  • After coming back from our holiday you seem to have grown into a toddler.
  • Obviously Mickey is still the main man
  • Your very much a mummys boy at the minute
  • Your walking has come on loads, but so has your crawling so most of the time you take the crawling option.
  • If there is a tower being built either out of bricks or buckets you are straight there to knock it down.
  • You love your big brother.
  • Your a proper explorer now, find myself saying no and moving you away from stuff lot at the minute.
  • Your hair seems to have grown a lot, starting to get a bit of a bed head in the morning now.
  • You have 8 teeth and counting
  • You give great Hi Fives and kind of wave good bye too.