Bobble Art | InTu Derby Blogger Event.

We were recently invited to the Intu Derby blogger summer event to show us what they had for the kids to do this summer. Started off at Bobble art, where Jacob made a paper blow up aeroplane, which was pretty cool and Harrison free reign of loads of the toys Bobble art had to offer. I had never heard of bobble art before this and I love it, such creative and different toys and accessories for your kids. The boys were given cute gift bags as we left too which was lovely.

Stef and Jacob went off and played a spot of adventure golf while Harrison and I shopped. There was also a playmobil Playzone, An indoor beach and A newly refurbished soft play area but we where very short for time and Harrison was very sleepy so we didn't manage to much of it.

One of the bits I brought from Bobble Art, a Dinosaur umbrella.

The Backpack was kindly gifted to Harrison from Bobble Art, How cute!!