Dear Harrison... You are 10 Months old.

How are you going to be 1 in only 2 months!! That is crazy! Im going to be a mum to a toddler!! Madness!!


Iv been loving back at your new born pictures and I realised you are now huge!! As I see you everyday I haven't notice how big you have actually grown! You are still fitting in some of your 6-9 month clothes but your dad and I went on a shopping spree the other week and brought lots of new bits in 9-12 months! Cant believe I'm buying 9-12 months clothes!!

If you haven't noticed I'm abit sad that your not gonna be a baby soon. Although I cant wait to see you grow and grow!


So as I dreaded after uploading your last update you did come down with an illness and it was horrible! You had a really high temperature for about 2-3 days and we just stayed home and watched a lot of Mickey Mouse! But since then other than teeth cutting and little falls here and there as you insist on being stood up constantly, you have been really well.


So your still rubbish at eating ut we keep on making your 3 meals a day, most of the time you manage a good few spoonfuls of at least 2 of your meals but your still being hard work about the whole thing!


The last few nights at 7pm I have bathed you, gave you milk and then put you in your cot awake and you have eventually with abit of moaning (not crying thank god else I wouldn't haven't been able to let you lay there alone) gotten yourself to sleep. This is great but at about 9:30-10 you start crying and won't be put back into your cot and I'm not strong enough to leave you crying so your still sleeping in our bed most of the night. Which I like really but I don't like when you wake up in the morning and are crawling around the bed nearly falling off!!

Milestones and things you like.

  • Still Mickey Obviously.
  • I bought you a little wooden market stall with fruit that is velcrod together and you love to pull every fruit apart.
  • OBSESSED with walking and love walking backwards and forwards to your dad and I. I don't think it will be long until your fully walking. (God help us)
  • Love your paddling pool.
  • Your very much a mummy's boy at the minute.
  • Your crawling has come on loads! You love racing towards me.