No Particular Order | Harrison's Top 5 Toys

As like many little ones Harrison probably has too many toys andas like most parents we (Mainly me) can't stop buying them for him, I currently have a Early Learning Center Happy Land addiction! So as H can't tell me himself what his favourite toys are, Iv noticed that these 5 are his most played with. So I was shopping in Primark the other day and this slinky was at the till, it was 90p and I brought it as he was getting a it fidgety in his push chair and I still had a few shops left to go to. It kept him quite the whole time we were out, he loves to play with wires (not plugged in ones) and string so I thought he would love this and I was correct.

PJ Mask Bath Toys

PJ Masks, these are actually bath toys but as he is a bit too young for the actual figures when my mum found these and gave them to him he actually clapped. He loves them to bang together at the minute but I'm sure he will soon be playing with them properly.

Tomy Hide and Sqweak eggs

Another gift, this time from my dads sisters family for Easter, He absolutely loves getting all of these eggs out and making them squeak.

Chad Valley Brick Trolley

Stef's mum and dad brought him this brick trolley for Christmas and he loves It he took his first steps with it. He loves to get all the bricks out and for someone to stack them so he can knock it down.

Happy Land

And finally Happy Land. I remember when my sister used to have this and I loved it then too. He isn't actually playing properly yet but he loves pressing the buttons that make the noises and love the little characters too, we. Have a farm, a cottage, a bus, jack and the beanstalk castle, a dragon, a tracker and a fire engine. Have my eye on a few more bits that he could have for his birthday but yeah it's safe to say I'm obsessed. SaveSave