Dear Harrison... You are now 9 months.

Your so independent, you just want to walk about discovering and exploring which is lovely to see, although my baby is disappearing and turning into a toddler.

Your still in your 6-9 month clothes and there fitting just perfect at the minute. Iv been looking for your 9-12 month wardrobe, I cant believe your closer to one than newborn, Its all gone so quickly!
You have finally had a whole month of good health bless you! Its been so nice for you to be fit and healthy with no runny nose and bad cough :D You are currently cutting 5 teeth and today you have had bit of a temperature but I'm just hoping thats due to teething and not a new illness, Fingers crossed.
You have been so good with your food until about a week ago again I think that is due to teething. You have been trying lots of different foods and even starting to feed yourself things like wotsits and rusks but you still want me to hold stuff sometimes too!
No change here really other than your getting even harder to get to sleep when its actually bed time, your not to bad at napping now its really just bedtime. Still coming into our bed in the middle of the night but i don't actually mind that.
Milestone and things you like
  • Your constantly on your feet, I will leave you in one place, come back minutes later and your the other side of the room by either furniture surfing or crawling.
  • Your so close to take your first independent steps, You have been standing up unsupported for seconds in the last few days which is exciting.
  • Your love for Mickey is still deep but you have also found space in your little heart for PJ Masks too
  • Your definitely a chocolate lover already.
  • Doesn't matter how sleepy you are you have always got energy for bath time, you love water!
  • You are obsessed which clapping it makes you smile every time you manage to do a loud one!