Wishlist #002

This week I have been looking at new bits for H seeing as he is growing out of his 6-9 months clothes and he also needs some summer bits too. Im obsessed with these Timberlands and Superstars for him but I cant justify the money for him to grow out of them in a few months time :(

As always iv been looking at home bits and I have fell in love with that brown leather sofa as I'm desperate to get rid of mine! I few days ago I came across the blogger Sinead Crowe and I'm crazy about her style! Since having Harrison iv been searching for inspiration and I think I have found it in her. She has the amazing Balenciaga boots featured below and she wears them with dresses and skirts which gives the whole outfit a bit of an edge, I just love everything she wears. Go check her out! :D

When I'm not looking at home stuff I'm looking at toys for H (He is well and truly spoilt lol) and my mum found a brand called B Toys and they make the cutest toys for kids of all ages and I'm after a lot of it! haha

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