Dear Harrison... Your first beach trip.

So your first beach trip didn't quite go as planned...

I have been going to Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk since I was about 8 and even though it's small with not actually that much to do there it holds a huge place in my heart purely due to the memories I have there.

In recent years we have been taking the 4 hour round trip with family friends in two cars but since the last time we went (about August 2015) we have added 3 babies a step son and his other half to the gang! Which proved a lot more hectic than we were used to, plus it was May bank holiday and we are used to the August bank holiday this making a massive difference as the place was packed!! Planned to all meet there, in our now 4 cars, at 10:30 but we didn't actually all meet until 12:30 due to traffic and no where to park. Other than the mornings issues it was a lovely day, nice weather no fall outs other than mine and Stef's bickering routine haha.

Wells beach is just beautiful! The beach huts are to die for and we always have an amazing time. I didn't manage to take as many pictures of the day as I wanted too as there just wasn't time to whip the camera out!

Currently writing this on the drive home, both kids are asleep in the back and Stef has control over the music, I swear he puts the most random songs on just to piss me off! haha

Have you done anything nice this bank holiday weekend?