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Around 8 years ago I inherited one of the best record collections from my late Auntie and Uncle, they had the best taste in music! Since having their collection I have added quite a few to it myself, finding gems in charity shops, markets, car boots and I also have brought a few newer albums i.e the likes of Adele and I also have my eye on the Spice girls album haha.  I love music and I think it all stems from my dancing days, I danced from the age of 3 to 18 and the variety of difference songs that I danced too just made me fall in love. The main genres I listen too is Indie - Alt-J, Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian, Rock - Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon and Muse, I also like Pop - Beyonce, One Direction and Justin Bieber although I'm not really a charts girl I don't really know whats going on there until its been out awhile and turns up on Gem 106 haha. I also love going back to the late 90's early 2000's and crack out some of my childhood favs from the likes of Spice girls and Steps to RnB Nelly and Destiny's Child. Due to my dancing days I love a good musical soundtrack, favourites including Chicago, Legally Blonde and Wicked. I am extremely obsessed with 60's and 70's music, like all of it, and I love bit of 80s cheese too!!

Mummy and Harrison | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | Top 5 Records | Blondie

This album was part of my Auntie's and Unlce's collection and Blondie was a big favourite of my dad's. This album is an absolute classic, they released Parallel Lines on 23rd September 1978 and was there most successfully album and helped them break America too. I love all of Blondies music and Debbie is just amazing, my best friends and I went to see her in August 2014, met her and had her signature tattooed on our upper thigh! That was when I was rock and roll haha!

Mummy and Harrison | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | Top 5 Records | Prince

Purple Rain, 1984, an album and film by the legend that was Prince, One of my mums favourites and now one of mine. My mum brought this record for herself last year but then came across her original and she give it to me. Its such a great album and even though the film is full on 80's cheese but that is great too!

Mummy and Harrison | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | Top 5 Records | Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac, Rumours gives me all the feels. When I was 19 I opened a vintage shop with my cousin and we played this record to death, so it always takes me back to the shop days. Every song on this record is a good'en. This 1977 album became the fastest selling LP of all time and I can see why.

Mummy and Harrison | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | Top 5 Records | Michael Jackson

My favourite Michael album by far... Just has such a brilliant vibe to it. Released in 1982, Jackson wanted to make a record that would turn him into the biggest star in the world and this album definitely did that. 

Mummy and Harrison | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | Top 5 Records | The Beatles
I have both the blue and the red collection of these greatest his records and found it hard to choose which is my favourite but I definitely like the older stuff better. I also had the classic Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club in mind but some one the songs on there area bit hit and miss for me. The Red album was released in 1973 and my record still has the £3.99 price tag on it which is about £50 today!
I have put all of these albums into a playlist on spotify, so make sure you have a good listen.