Life #002

Daphne and I had our 2 year anniversey on the 10th April we took her for an extra long walk around bradgate park (a beautiful park in Leicestershire), time has gone so fast I can remember the day I brought her home like it was yesterday. Not really been up to much else really, mainly just spending time with my family in the sun...

My dad nipped to symths toy shop to get 3 bags of sand for H's sandpit and came back with a load of goodies for the boys, so we spent the hottest day of the year so far having water fights and making sand castles.


Stef and I were invited to two parties which both fell on the same weekend, which was knackering when having to look after the boys the next day haha. Harrison had his first 'over' at Nana's, we call it an over as he was a monkey and hardly slept!


Im sure ill have more to up date you on next time as its currently half term, although Jacob (other half boy) has gone on holiday with his mum for a week :(




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