Dear Harrison... You are 7 months old.

Its getting harder every month to take this photo of you, as you are desperate to play with the light box! You knocked it off 3 times and the letters went everywhere so I have up haha.


Your still to small for most of your 6-9 clothes but then your 3-6 is getting bit tight so you might have to just put up with baggy soon haha.

You have been so poorly again this month with a horrendous cough, it does seem to be on its way out and it mostly effects you at night, after a few hours lying down asleep. You have ended up in our bed almost every night as I hate to leave you alone coughing. Luckly you didn't get the stomach bug that your nana, auntie bob and I had. Think I'm going to look into vitamins to help both of our immune systems else your just constantly going to be poorly when you start going to play school etc.

Your not keen on this whole solid food lark, I thought it was going well in the beginning so maybe its your cold thats putting you off?! I think you would happily just stay on milk forever. You have tried a variety of stuff including bolognese, cottage pie, cauliflower cheese, chicken dinner, yogurt, ice lollies (which you love) rice pudding, banana and a load more. The health visitor said you should be on 3 meals a day by now but them most we ever get to is 2, you'll get there though buddy.

Your not a big fan of sleep, you have about 2-3 naps a day but you only last about 20-30 mins a time. Bed time you are normally pretty good when going to sleep, start running your bath about 7 then your normally down for 7:30ish but then you start stirring around 10 and thats when you start your coughing fits and have been coming into our bed and wake a few times in the night after but never fully awake your just after bit of milk. Really want to get you sleeping though in your own bed but at the minute your just not well enough.

Milestones and things you like
  • Well the 1st thing is that you are obsessed with walking! You suddenly started taking your first steps just before I uploaded your 6 months post and ever since you get the hump if I don't let you walk about (my back is killing bent over holding your hands) You have come on loads since then and I'm sure it won't be long until you start doing it on your own.
  • You love banging stuff together.
  • Mickey has been a life saver this month to stop you crying and moaning... (currently on the floor watching him now, very sleepy but you won't nap).
  • You also randomly just took the bottle from the other night as you wanted to do it yourself and have fed yourself a lot since.
  • You started clapping, which is just the cutest when you claps along to if your happy and you know it.