A Day To Celebrate Mothers.

Its currently 7:37, your awake yet extremely tired, wriggling in my arms but cry every time I put you down as your very clingy due to your cold, I'm trying to write this post whilst watching the michalaks and waiting for your dad to come home from the pub to order some food.

Last mothers day I was only a few months pregnant but your lovely dad brought me flowers and a card signed by you (flo lo, as at that point I was convinced you were going to be a girl called Florence Lott). This year mothers day has been completely different to any other, as this year I'm actually a mother myself.


Motherhood so far has been an absolute dream... You have been the best baby I could have asked for  you hardly cry at all, easily pleased, loves to play with toys and when I say play its more like examining them, your not one for bashing and crashing (yet). You have grown up so quickly and it looks like your about to grow up just a little bit more as you have started moaning because you want to walk about! Your only 6 bloody months!! Slow down! :)


I think the reason I have found being a mum easy (so far) is all down to my own mum. She has devoted her life to myself, my brother and sister since she had me at 20! When she had my sister I was 11 and crazy excited from the day she told me she was pregnant! When she came along I loved helping her with feeding and changing and was obsessed with her and still am now (she is 14). My mum (Often referred to as yoda) is a complete star and was born to do her job, she has taught me everything she knows, I have learnt from the absolute best there is in the industry! :D She has now been promoted to Nana and has took to the roll extremely well (As predicted haha)

I have unconditionally loved you since the moment you were born, you are truly my best friend and couldn't imagine my life without you. Heres to many more mothers days with you.
P.S Its now 9:30 and you eventually got to sleep about 8:10 you little monkey! :D



Life, Parenthood-Megan Garner