Life #001

Life lately has consisted of looking after my little man and getting my garden ready for the summer...

The little guy has been quite poorly with a terrible cough and cold, its not been to bad in the daytime but he really struggles at night and has been sleeping in our bed for the past few nights...

I am also completely obsessed with my garden!! When we moved into our current house it was august and I had less than a month left of my pregnancy so the house was my main priority even though I have craved my own garden for years.
So as the weather has been so lovely (on and off) the past couple of weeks any chance I get I'm in the garden de-weeding and getting the beds ready to plant some pretty shrubs in (which my little man is getting me for my first mothers day! :D )


The garden is slowly getting to how I want it, just need to find some nice furniture (which is harder than I expected) Im also after some cute outdoor toys for H too and then I'm done and can enjoy!



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