Dear Harrison... You are 6 months old.


Another amazing month with you and you have changed so much AGAIN!! :)


To be honest I haven't really noticed a massive change in size, you have some really nice 6-9 month clothes ready for you to wear but your still too little for them.

This month has been pretty good health wise you had a cough for a while and you also had your last of the 3 injections which didn't seem to effect you too much which was nice as your first ones through you off completely.

Your weaning is going quite well, you love your porridge I added a little jam the other day which went down a treat, I also pureed a banana for you the other day and you ate the lot. your still having around 5 bottles made in 24 hours but you never finish the whole 7oz. Have tried a few baby foods like carrot and sweet potato but you didn't care for them yet which is fine your only 6 months we have plenty of time for that.

You are sleeping so much better and in your own bed most of the night, Your still waking about 4 times a night but I normally sneak you back into our bed around 5 (only because I miss you). We have been doing bath bottle bed starting at 7 for a couple of week and you have really took to it and even if you aren't asleep after you have had enough milk I just lay you down in your cot and after 5-10 minutes you fall asleep your self, you don't really care for me rocking you too sleep anymore (which is fine as your getting quite heavy now haha)
You are useless at napping in the day though you have about 3 half hour naps on average.

Milestones and things you like
  • You started to sit up on your own on 8th March, we put your V pillow behind you to catch you if you fall but you got really good really quick.
  • Obsessed with your feet.
  • Mickey mouse is still number 1 but you also like PJ Masks and The Lion Guard. (Thank god as I was getting very bored of Mickey lol) You also randomly like the BT Advert, Butlins advert and the meerkats from compare the market lol.
  • On the 16th March you decided to take your first steps which was absolutely out of the blue!! But I will talk more about that in your 7 month update as Im sure this is just the beginning.
  • You officially answer to your name (as long as Mickey isn't on)
  • You also had your first go on a swing which you didn't seem to fussed about lol
  • You finally roll from back to front which seems to have taken a while but your not a fan of being on your front so never really attempted it before.