Dear Harrison... You are 5 months old.


You can definitely notice your little personality coming through now and becoming a proper little human. You are a joy to be around pretty happy and content most of the time looking forward to the month ahead of lots of food trying.


On 8/02/17 you weighed 16lb . Have really noticed that you have grown in the last few weeks, going to have to get you the next size up sleep suits this week. 


Yet another cold poor fella! You have handled them so well though. Other than that you are all happy and healthy! 


This month you have tried porridge, baby rice and are currently eating a rusk! Your favourite is porridge but i have to have at least two spoons so you can have one too! I have just brought you a few of the Ella’s Kitchen pouches that are suitable for over 4 months and I’m excited to see your little face when trying them.


So we put you in your room a few weeks ago and was going well until you caught another cold and you decided it was best if you slept with me and your dad. haha You really need to go back into your own bed soon though boy! haha
Also your really fighting your sleep at the minute grabbing my face and hair is your favourite! :/


Milestones and things you like:
  • STILL love Mickey Mouses Clubhouse
  • Your balance while sitting is coming along nicely
  • Still obsessed with standing
  • Anything that I have you want mainly phone and remote control
  • Love knocking brick towers over
  • But the main milestones this month were moving into your own room, having your 1st big bath and trying solids.