Dear Harrison... You Are Two Months Old.



Your actually nearly 10 weeks, I am a bit late posting this mainly as I have been having major mood swings and other than looking after you I haven't felt like doing anything... feeling loads better now though!

Since your last update you seem to have grown so much, you are always smiling which In turn makes me smile and melts my heart. You were registered on 25th oct your name is officially Harrison David Lott!! We had your 6 week check with the doctors and health visitors in the same day (1/11/16) and you were extremely good both time having to be stripped within a 2 hour period. You also had your injections at 8 weeks on 11th Nov (the day you turned two months) and you didn't like them at all but soon calmed down with a big hug from me, you had two in one leg and one in the other (not surprised you cried I nearly did too) these injection completely through you out of sorts leaving you very grumpy for 3-4 days and you were very sad that night too and slept in our bed (Don't get used to it though kid) haha.


You are still tiny and still fit in a lot of your up to 1 months clothes due to you cold making you throw up so much you haven't put as much weight on as we would have liked you to by now, weighing 11lb 14oz. Can definitely tell you have grown too though :)

Your cold got slightly worst during the last week of October, we all had a flu like cold which wrote off the whole week! Apart from venturing out to register you, but since then you seem to be a lot better and have been keeping your milk down so much more so fingers crossed when your weighed again in a few weeks you'll be back on track.

In the last couple of days we have upped your milk to 6oz and most of the time you are petty much finishing it off within the 2 hours you have to drink it after being made.

You are not sleeping half as much as you did in your first few weeks we actually get to see those big blue eyes for a good 10 hours of the day. You are a dream at night too waking around 2 then 5 and finally getting up between 7 and 8. I thought I would really struggle getting up in the night but I hate to keep you waiting and hop straight to it haha.

Milestones and Things You Like
  • Smiling all the time
  • You are reaching and hitting things in your play gym
  • You love songs e.g of your happy and you know it, grand old duke of York, row row row your boat and patter cake
  • Head is getting stronger it won't be long until you hold it up for good
  • You like your toy Bing and watching him on the Tv
  • You also have a blue monkey that you love to talk to
  • You also love to stare at your nanas light fittings