Dear Harrison... You Are Three Months Old.

Again apologies for the lateness but this month has been crazy trying to get everything ready for your first Christmas and lots of other things going on that i dont want to bore you with.

Your growing nice and big now, you were last weighed on 30th of November and you weighed 12lb 14 oz which the health visitor was pleased with (thank god) She is coming to weigh you again on Jan 4th 2017. You are still in 0-3 months and I have recently brought you a few bits from H&M as your in that in between stage and they do 2-4 months (genius).

You have been doing really well this month compared to last, considering you have been to two birthday parties, you managed not to a catch a single cold.

Your feeding is still all over the place, we moved you up to 6oz bottles but you weren’t finishing them so your back on 5oz (which you still struggle with) and we make you around 6 bottles within 24hrs.

Your not sleeping through but only wake up once or twice for food and go straight back down so its not too bad and your lazy like me and don’t really wake before 7:30.

Milestones and things you like
  • You love Mickey Mouses Clubhouse
  • You have actually giggled a few times which nearly made me cry because it was just too cute!
  • You are grabbing quite well and your neck is getting a lot stronger (As that is something you have been struggling with)
  • Loves having a chat