Dear Harrison... You Are Four Months Old.

You weighed 14lb and half an ounce on the 4th Jan, which the health visitor seemed happy with considering your mouth ulcer a few weeks ago (which I think was just a sore throat as I caught it not long after we took you to the doctors) I definitely feel like I’m now carrying (and rocking) a 1 stone little man around. You are staring to fill out your 3-6 month clothes quite well, the trousers fit you better than the tops.

Thankfully no illnesses this month!! Whoop!! Although you did start teething on (I think) the 3rd Jan which hasn’t been too fun so far.

You still haven’t got into a routine with your feeding yet but since you started teething I have noticed that you haven’t been snacking (Maybe because your mouth hurts) But you have been waiting a lot longer and then drinking a lot more at once.
when you were 16 weeks old, we fed you a little baby rice which you didn’t mind after a few mouthfuls and we also gave you a rusk that you also didn’t mind.

At 16 weeks we also decided maybe its time to get you into a little routine I gave myself a curfew of 6 o’clock and then try and get you into bed fed and bathed by 7ish, It hasn’t gone too well so far, you like the old way of going to bed when you choose but we will find a happy medium.

Milestones and Thing You Like
  • Tummy time this month has been a big break through, after seeing your 3 week. younger 2nd cousin Edie doing so well.
  • Your giggling a lot more and your brother gets you laughing lots.
  • Still love Mickey!!
  • You had your 1st Christmas, which was more excited for me this year than for you.
  • You rolled from your front to back on the 28th Dec which was out the blue but we quickly got the camera and captured your second go.