Dear Harrison... You are one month old.

I can't believe you are one month old already!! Its gone way too quick! It only feels like yesterday Me, Dad, Grandma Yoda, Grumpa, Uncle Connor and Auntie Finleigh were sat in Grandma Yoda's living room eating pizza, waiting for the hospital to call about a free bed to induce me! 
You are currently asleep in my arms as your being quite clingy due to your cold, I feel so useless to you all I can do is cuddle you.


On 6th October you weighed 9lb 13, You didn't have many newborn bits everything was mainly up to 1 month and they are fitting you quite nicely at the minute but I can see you moving up to up to 3 months pretty soon (which I'm quite looking forward to becuase you have some really nice things to wear! Ha!)


You have had your cold now for nearly two weeks and really struggling to keep your milk down, so we are having to feed you little and often. You are being so brave when throwing up though not much bothers you to be honest. You also have thrush in your mouth and been having drops 4 times a day, which you don't like but your reaction is so cute every time as there is no crying you just pull this really funny face!
Mid sneeze while I was trying to get some pictures of you and Daphne.


Like I said we are feeding you little and often at the minute and it feels like you constantly  have a bottle in your mouth but it seems to be working better than filling your little stomach to the top for you only to throw it all up again. You are currently drinking Aptamil First Infant milk and we know your hungry when you start to loose control of your arms! Haha!


Your bit hit and miss with the sleeping at night again due to your cold, before you were amazing waking 2-3 times to feed, nappy change then straight back to sleep but at the minute you sometimes like to stay awake which normally leads to your being sick! So the current routine is that I go to bed around 10:30ish and you stay up with your dad until he brings you up about 12, ill feed you again about 2-3ish and then your dad will feed you around 6-7ish and if your big brother has stayed over that night you, your dad and Jacob will all go down stairs at that point (As Jacob wakes up between 6 and 7).

Milestones and Things you like

  • You are definitely more alert and you love looking at shadows!
  • You love a cuddle doesn't matter who with you just love a cuddle!
  • Although its probably wind you do seem to smile right on cue
  • Your ideal way to fall asleep is milk drunk, me stood up cuddling, rocking and patting your bum.
  • You seem to quite like the water which is nice for me as I don't feel mean bathing you.
  • You like just sitting in your bouncer having a good look around especially when its vibrating!