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The Past.

I have been blogging for many years now. I started one way back when I was at school, after watching the film The Perfect Man (If you've seen it you will know! haha) didn't last long though. I then started a fashion blog with my best friend, Chelsey, in 2013 which did really well, we loved doing it and we were actually nominated for a Company blogger award!

Over a year of blogging and it kind of got put on the back burner as we were massively focused on finishing fashion foundation degree. Chelsey went on to get a job in the industry and I continued learning and started the top up year to get the full degree, which I really wasn't enjoying. At this point I was craving motherhood but Stef wasn't ready for another mouth to feed and it was still early days as we had not quite been together a year yet. I finished up at uni for Christmas in 2015, really not wanting to go back in the new year, it got to Christmas day, I felt really weird, very emotional and ended the day in tears over nothing. I realised on 29th December (Best mate, Chelsey's birthday) that my period was late, did a test and the rest was history.


Mummy and Harrison.

After finding out I was pregnant I thought to myself "what am I going to do for another 35 weeks?" I knew I didn't want to go back to uni and that I wanted to start a blog to document the pregnancy and then parenthood. Turns out I didn't blog any of the pregnancy and didn't start Mummy and Harrison until the first couple of weeks of motherhood, he was a really easy baby! haha.

My first blog post was about the time I took Harrison to FriendsFest, at just 17 days old! I then went on to do monthly updates on Harrison, his size, what he is eating etc. Which even now is lovely to look back on. It felt weird to not be blogging about fashion, so I decided to dip my toes back into the fashion pool but becoming a mum really changes your style. As most of us don't spring back to their pre-pregnancy weight. I'm still not comfortable in my mum body but on the days I do feel good in my outfit I like to make sure I show it off on the blog.  

The next step in this crazy social world was making the leap to youtube which was really scary. I started out with a few vlogs just to music because talking to a camera was just terrifying. Then one day after getting back from a big Primark shop I just sat down and filmed my first haul.


Now and the future

I feel that I have neglected both the blog and channel in recent months as I’m the kinda gal that if I have too many things to do, I just don’t do anything, which is really not one of my best traits. So i’m going to try my very best to upload one post on the blog and one video a week.

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